​Beginner’s Guide to Using Delta-8 Flower

​Beginner’s Guide to Using Delta-8 Flower

Posted by Kusha Organix on 22nd Mar 2021

Arguably the most controversial plant in the world, lately, cannabis is back to the headlines – this time, for good reasons.

CBD and THC's medical exploits are no longer news, except for cave dwellers. These compounds are widely accountable for the burgeoning medical marijuana concept.

Interestingly, the cannabis community has a 'new' kid on the block – Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-8-THC. The compound is one among the hundreds discovered in the cannabis plant.

Delta-8, like CBD and THC, has shown some health potentials. To satisfy the increasing consumer preferences, delta-8 is available in different forms, including:

  • Gummies
  • Flowers
  • Topicals
  • Oils and tinctures,
  • Edibles
  • Inhalable

This piece offers a beginner's guide on the basics of delta-8-THC flowers, and how best you too can exploit its purported benefits.

Among others, the guide discusses common concerns among new and prospective users, including:

  • Delta-8's legality
  • Expected effects – how delta-8 can make you feel
  • Differences between delta-8-THC buds and hemp flowers
  • The best way to use delta-8-THC buds
  • How much Delta-8 you should consume
  • Delta-8 and drug test concerns
  • And where you can get good quality CBD products

To begin,

What is delta-8 flower?

Delta-8 flower is simply CBD-rich hemp modified by spraying delta-8 concentrates on the buds.

This hemp-to-delta-8 conversion takes pretty easy steps:

  • Spray delta-8-THC distillate on your CBD buds
  • Allow for about 5 to 6 hours to dry up
  • Your delta-8-rich herb is ready to go up in flames

Delta-8-THC flowers are becoming widely popular and are consumed just as weed (marijuana herbs).

But many are not yet convinced about cannabis, mainly as it concerns legality.

Is it legal to use delta-8 THC?

People are particularly concerned about associated legal risks associated with cannabis and its products.

Worse, the THC tag seems to have rubbed off on the delta-8. Understandably, it's easy to confuse delta-9-THC (the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis) and its milder twin, delta-8-THC.

Talking legality, the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, popularly called Farm Bill, categorically permits hemp and hemp-based products with under 0.3 percent THC.

By this, delta-8-THC is legal for use, as far as it's naturally obtained from the hemp plant and falls under the under-0.3% THC benchmark.

Now you know delta-8 is legally safe, let's talk about the possible effects of smoking delta-8 buds.

How will smoking delta-8 make me feel?

Researchers think it may be too early to make scientific claims as to delta-8's effects. Delta-8 studies are yet too premature for any substantive conclusions.

However, existing research data and anecdotal evidence gathered so far report some common effects.

Researchers have found a direct link between the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, and delta-8. The link shows that delta-8 binds with CB 1 and CB2, just as delta-9 does. This may not necessarily mean both plants will deliver similar effects.

Most evidence suggests delta-8 delivers far less effect than delta-9-THC.

Users report a clear head and a mild, relaxing effect. Most exciting is that these results come without the typical anxiety and paranoia that trails high-delta-9-THC formulas.

However, if you lack the 'high' experience, exercise caution with your delta-8 doses.

Delta 8 flowers Vs. CBD hemp flowers

It can be tricky to tell which product you should prefer between delta-8 and CBD hemp flowers.

Remember that tolerance levels and other individual preferences determine what is suitable and for whom.

Individual metabolism and expectations should determine what fits you best.

However, if you're trying hemp for the first time, CBD-dominant hemp products are your safest bet. These products do not cause any high, which most first-timers dread.

Conversely, if you seek something more potent, one that delivers a smooth high, delta-8 is a thoughtful option.

Delta-8-THC stylishly combines CBD's mind-calming feeling with light notes of THC's 'high.'

Besides smoking - other ways to consume delta-8 flowers?

If you're not comfortable smoking delta-8-THC buds, there are other possibly more convenient options you may consider.

  • Edibles

Delta-8 gummies and related edibles are delicious and discreet alternatives. It's particularly suitable for those who have a sweet tooth.

Edible users should be patient, as the effects may show up but over time after consumption.

Unfortunately, the resultant potency is typically far less than with smoking.

  • Delta-8 tinctures

Here's another way to bypass smoking delta-8-THC.

These flavored extracts are typically dosed sublingually – placed beneath the tongue. The effects gradually come to a couple of minutes after dosage.

Tinctures deliver faster results than gummies and other edibles, but are still slow when compared to inhalation.

More highly concentrated delta-8 consumption options involve shatter, dabs, etc. Note, however, that these options are recommended but only those who boast considerable delta-8 experience.

How much delta-8 flower can I use as a beginner?

As with CBD and other cannabis products, there's no such thing as a one-dose-cure-all for delta-8 users. The dosages may differ across users based on:

  • Age
  • Metabolism
  • Weight
  • Experience with cannabis (tolerance level)
  • The reason(s) for your delta-8 doses.

Given these, everyone may react to delta-8 (and other cannabinoids) differently.

However, remember, delta-8 delivers more 'hitting' effects than CBD. So, ensure you begin with low amounts – less than you would dose CBD.

With smoking, you may begin with a few puffs; watch the effects for a few minutes to see how it pans out.

For tinctures, starters may begin with four drops of 1,000mg tincture. Even for the experienced, you may not want to exceed 10-mg per dose.

Better still, check-up on the dosage guide printed on the product label and begin with the lowest possible recommendation. Over time, as your body adapts to the doses, you can work up your limits [drop by drop] to more tailored amounts.

Generally, experts recommend taking short breaks off your doses to prevent developing tolerance.

Will Delta-8 ruin my drug test?

Honestly, it may.

First, our bodies break down THC into tinier molecules referred to as metabolites. These metabolites leave tell-tale signs that the body had processed THC. These tiny traces are what ruin your drug tests.

In the eyes of the test instrument, all THC – including delta-8 and delta-9 shows up alike.

Secondly, the likely .3% THC concentration, which is legally considered within safe limits, can [in theory] accumulate over time to become detectable –particularly with too frequent use.

So, although the chances of turning up dirty in a drug test might be less for CBD and other under-0.3% THC-concentrated products, there's a likelihood.

That said, one sure way for delta-8-THC users to scale a drug test is to abstain for about 3 to 4 months before a drug test.

Although other synthetic products have been theorized to help scale substance use tests, they are at users' expense, as they may be unethical and not scientifically approved.

Wrap Up

That's essentially all you should know before you kick start your delta-8 journey. As you walk through, you'll make some personal discoveries about the compound.

The saying, experience is the best teacher is particularly true of using cannabis products, including delta-8, CBD, THC, and what have you.

Importantly, ensure you begin with low doses and find out a safer limit as you proceed.

Also, your product's quality determines your overall experience. Shop quality delta-8-THC flowers, use moderately, and spread the word.