​Beginners' Guide to Using CBD Hemp Flower

​Beginners' Guide to Using CBD Hemp Flower

Posted by Kusha Organix on 22nd Mar 2021

Whether you're new to using hemp flowers or exploring new ways to enjoy your CBD-rich hemp flowers, you found the right lead.

This beginners' guide to using hemp flower explains basic CBD hemp flower concepts.

Among others, you'll learn:

  • What CBD hemp flower actually is – The clear difference(s) between hemp marijuana flower and hemp flower
  • Practical methods to using CBD hemp flowers
  • Potential benefits CBD hemp flower offers

The guide also addresses commonly asked CBD questions like:

"won't CBD hemp flower get me high?"

Are you wondering the same? Read on to find out – and even more about the increasingly popular flower.

But before the details, let's quickly define what CBD hemp flower is – and what it isn't.

Let's delve in…

What's CBD Hemp Flower? (and How does it differ from marijuana herbs?)

By appearance, you'll likely fail to distinguish hemp flowers from marijuana.

Although both plants are close relatives and with some striking 'surface' similarities, their 'internal' differences are more important and what makes each unique.

First, marijuana and hemp are grown under different conditions and bred for diverse purposes.

Among many other purposes, hemp is mainly bred for high-level CBD. Marijuana farmers, on the other hand, are most protective of their plant's buds and resins, which houses the prized psychoactive THC.

Across the US [and most parts of the world], THC is a victim of many legislations. Literally, THC has been the culprit of all cannabis' unending battles.

Like, what else could make most legislations hate cannabis if not for the high [caused by THC]?

Funnily, the [legal] difference between hemp and marijuana is the THC content. According to the famous Farm Bill, hemp and its products are federally legal, but with a proviso – the THC concentration mustn't exceed 0.3 percent.

So, while CBD hemp flowers typically contain less than .3 percent THC and are legal across many jurisdictions, marijuana buds are rich in THC (may contain as much as 30% THC) and illegal in many US states and other jurisdictions across the world.

Most importantly, while THC leaves users high, you cannot get stoned on hemp. Instead, hemp products are notable for their clear-head relaxing and calming effects – among other purported health benefits.

Using CBD buds

One exciting thing about using hemp buds is the consumption flexibility it offers. Let's quickly run through common ways hemp flower users enjoy their herbs.

  • Hemp flower is smokable

Smoking CBD-rich hemp buds is arguably the most popular dosage option. It involves grinding the herbs and rolling with rolling papers – as with conventional cigarettes or weed (I mean marijuana).

Better still, some prefer nicotine-rich rolling papers since they deliver the combined effects of nicotine and hemp.

There are more ways around lighting up your CBD-rich buds, including the use of pipes and hookahs.

  • Vaping hemp flowers work too

There's been an increase in vape users, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Initially, vaping was designed as a lesser evil in promoting the quit-smoke campaign.

Prior, nicotine-rich e-liquid was practically all vapers could vape.

Now, people vape CBD flowers with specially designed dry vape pens. These pens are battery-powered, with coils designed to heat your herbs and convert their rich properties into vapor – which you inhale.

The effects from vaporized CBD flowers are similar to that obtainable from CBD-concentrated e-juice.

To vape CBD flowers, go for CBD-rich strains suitable for vaping.

  • CBD flowers in meals

Many CBD flower users prefer ingestion. For a sumptuous experience, CBD buds can be used in preparing your favorite meals.

They may also be infused into cooking oils [as a carrier oil] and used as you would for your everyday food recipe.

Coffee lovers, hemp-based CBD flower would make a good ingredient in your coffee and tea recipes.

The options can be countless. It widely boils down to individual preferences and creativity.

  • CBD-infused supplements and capsules

Do you prefer to go the traditional way of doing pharmaceuticals?

Then, consider CBD flower-based supplements and capsules. Thankfully, these alternatives are crafted with relatively strict doses and dosage directives. They are easy to consume, discreet, help you bypass CBD's earthy taste, and won't leave you smelling weed – like smoking does.

However, these options are the slowest acting of all the dosage options.

Hemp-based supplements and capsules are widely available at dispensaries, both online and in local stores.

Although the dosage route determines how fast the CBD effect comes, the ultimate outcomes are typical across all dosage methods.

CBD hemp flower benefits – are they for real?

As a 'new' compound, research authors say more studies are needed to make substantive CBD-effect claims.

However, increasing research reports and interesting anecdotal testimonies suggest the compound may hold health promises.

While we await more research to validate data collected so far, existing evidence shows CBD may help manage the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation

Hemp offers almost similar potential health benefits as marijuana – mores so, without the widely dreaded psychoactive effects. Essentially, this exclusive feature makes hemp more recognized and widely accepted in the medical sphere.

Will CBD get me addicted?

Typically, NO.

Legal-grade hemp plants are non-addictive. Note, however, that as with any health product, abuse is likely.

Experts advise moderate use as CBD can be habit-forming. Generally, for the best experience, reasonable and responsible use of CBD hemp flower is advised.

Any risks and safety concerns to smoking CBD flower?

Common knowledge says inhalation may not offer the healthiest way to consuming anything – including CBD-rich flowers.

With that in mind, smoking CBD flower is, by miles, less harmful than smoking marijuana, cigarettes, hookah, and what have you.

Cigarettes and related highly processed products deposit a truckload of chemicals and solvents in your body. Conversely, hemp flowers are typically harvested, cured, and dried. This makes hemp buds a far more natural alternative.

However, medical experts hint at some likely effects of prolonged exposure to smoke – whether from cigarettes or even campfire.

Again, if you prefer smoking hemp buds, modesty is advised. For pregnant women and asthmatic patients, CBD oils may be a better recommendation.

What's the best way to use hemp flowers?

No such thing as a 'best' when it comes to CBD dosage forms. One's favorite method might be another's least preferred – for personal reasons.

However, smoking CBD hemp flower is commonly preferred, being the fastest-acting CBD dosage option. Smoking sends CBD-laden smoke directly into your bloodstream.

For oral, sublingual, and topical applications, users may need patience as the effect takes time to trickle in.

Also, the hemp flower delivers CBD in its raw, most-natural state. Its unprocessed nature leaves all its natural potency untampered.

Given these, CBD flower is arguably the most efficient route to enjoy CBD's potential benefits.

Summarily, it all boils down to individual lifestyles and their case-by-case preferences. While some users say they prefer edibles or under-the-tongue doses, others will gladly stick to their hemp flower.

Will CBD flowers ruin your drug test?

Typically, drug tests are concerned about the high-causing compound in marijuana – THC.

Interestingly, CBD products may contain but a small bit of THC concentration – a concentration considered too-insignificant to cause any notable psychoactive effects, even in high doses.

Note, however, the possibility of a THC build-up over time. Theoretically, this could reflect on your drug test – but very unlikely.

Also, note that some CBD hemp flowers contain THC percentages higher than safe limits. This possibility is caused by cross-contamination with THC, which occurs during CBD processing or mixing marijuana and hemp batches.

There's only one way to prevent high-THC hemp buds – obtaining your CBD flower and other CBD products from trusted CBD sellers.

Last words

Hopefully, you're well informed to make the best decisions as you work your way around using CBD flowers.

Remember, there's no stone-written best way to use CBD hemp flower – it all boils down to personal preferences and expectations.

Feel free to explore the options and see which works best for you. For more about using CBD hemp flowers and other cannabis products, feel free to utilize our blog's rich resources.

Not sure where to get premium-grade CBD hemp flower products, we've got some exciting lots on our online shelves.

If you ever get stuck, our staff will be happy to help guide you through our quality products.